Xiaoqiang XQ5General purpose ROS develping platform

Strong power and excellent performance

i7 8GMemory 128G SSD
LIDAR Hub Motor Mono Camera

Application Videos

  • real-time map and location of lidar

    When Xiaoqiang is equipped with the laser radar, it can make environment mapping and robot navigation easy and quick. In the use of LIDAR, the robot is required to provide more accurate odometer information. Xiaoqiang's odometer is fused with a gyroscope and encoder, with high accuracy. From this video, As we can see that in a large range (200mx400m) the map built by Xiaoqiang is still very accurate.

  • XQ5 movement examples

    The XQ5 in this video is equipped with 3D lidar, which can be used to create an environment map and navigate using lidar data. It can be seen from the video that XQ5 movement is smooth, flexible and has good control performance.

  • Visual Navigation

    Xiaoqiang uses the camera to collect the ambient image and uses its powerful computational ability to identify the 3D structure of the environment. The red and green dots in the video are the environmental feature points that it recognize. The map in the lower left corner of the video is its identified environment. As we can see that Xiaoqiang can run the Visual Slam program smoothly, and provide very accurate positioning information.

  • RGBD

    Obstacles are randomly placed on the ground. Xiaoqiang obtains the information of the obstacle through the depth camera. The green curve in the video is the target line and location of Xiaoqiang. Xiaoqiang planning its path in real time according to the situation of obstacles. That is, the blue curve in the video. It can be seen that even in a very complex obstacle environment, Xiaoqiang can move smoothly to the target position.

  • Inertial navigation

    惯性导航即是仅利用小车自身的陀螺仪和编码器提供的信息进行导航。视频中的小车在惯性导航程序的控制下走了一个1M x 1M的正方形。左侧的图像是小车的实际运动情况,右侧则是小车在电脑界面中的实时的位置显示。

  • Speech recognition and follow

    Xiaoqiang recognizes target's voice commands and then initiates the following program. Follow the movement of the target.

Xiaoqiang is a general purpose ROS develping platform. It has powerful computational power, long battery endurance and the nimble movement ability. Xiaoqiang is very suitable for developmenting the Ros navigation and the computer vision algorithm. Xiaoqiang has four-wheeled structure, the front two active wheels, and two omni-directional wheels on the back. Such a structure can guarantee the accuracy of the turning angle. The wheel used the rubber material which is not easy to skid to ensure the accuracy and stability of the movement again. Xiaoqiang's main controller is a i7 processor mini computer, contains 8G memory and 128G solid-state drives. This hardware configuration guarantees the strong compute ability of the Xiaoqiang. The battery is 12V 20AH lithium polymer battery, which can be guaranteed to be used for seven hours continuously.
Xiaoqiang XQ5 is an upgraded version of the Xiaoqiang XQ4. The motor is replaced from a DC brush motor to the hub motor, the structure is also optimized, load-bearing capacity is stronger. Xiaoqiang can carry 50 kilograms, running more smooth and quiet.

Hardware Info

  • i7 processor 1.8GHz CPU Turbo 3.0GHZ
    8G Memory
    128G SSD

  • With hub motor, the maximum speed is up to 5m/s
    Smooth and quiet movement

  • The power supply battery is 36V 18AH polymer lithium battery.
    Rated output voltage is 36V. Rated output current is 5 A, output power 180W. Xiaoqiang XQ5 can be used for up to 7 hours under high power usage.

  • Max Speed: 5m/s
    Maximum Acceleration: 1.5m/s^2
    Max Angle Speed: 230 deg/s
    Maximum angular acceleration: 660 deg/s^2

  • 8 USB with four USB3.0 and four USB2.0
    60fps 178° camera
    MPU9250 9-axis high-precision gyroscope